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The Devil's Rejects 2005
00:33:00 A dirtied-up but always-pretty Priscilla is forced to strip by a baddie who exposes her right boob with a gun. (56 seconds)

Implicated 1998
00:04:48 Ahhh, the hint of a nipple at the poolside. Mind you, it's only a hint... (17 seconds)

The Crossing Guard 1995
00:38:00 Great view of breasts while backstage with Nicholson. (39 seconds)

Mallrats 1995
00:59:00 ESP or T-I-T? Priscilla loses her shirt for a nice bout of topless fortune telling . . . she looks awesome for her age, aside from the fake 3rd nip, natch. (134 seconds)

Erotique 1994
00:29:00 Priscilla flashes some T&A while hugging and kissing Camilla Søeberg in a rather Erotique way... (78 seconds)

The Seniors 1978
00:18:00 You'll find your own barn door mysteriously open when you witness Ms. Barnes baring boobs for a throng of horny dorks. (30 seconds)

Tintorera 1977
01:48:00 Prissy gets pretty in the ocean pouring beer over her head (uh, good for the hair? I have no idea) And showing her Jack Trippers, clad only in white bikini bottoms. (38 seconds)
01:48:00 A beans-baring Pris and pals escape from a shark, dragging themselves to shore and collapsing in fright. Bad for them, great for us. (26 seconds)

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