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Agents Secrets 2004
00:59:00 With a no-nonsense air, La Bellucci peels for a cavity searcher. Sadly, we don't actually see her cavities, but her phenomenal funbags are out and loud and proud. (18 seconds)

Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre 2002
00:56:00 We see Cléopâtre's buns in the milkbath. (56 seconds)

Irréversible 2002
00:50:00 Some flashes of Monica's ass following a brutal rape scene... (71 seconds)
01:17:00 A nice look at Bellucci's bumper while she lays on top of Cassel in bed. (27 seconds)
01:18:00 Yet more T&A, as well as a couple of ultra-brief flashes of Monica's Landing Strip in bed with Vince... (114 seconds)
01:23:00 Cassel puts a bit of the Attack on Monica's Rack while they spend some more quality time in bed... (78 seconds)
01:25:00 Another glimpse or two of Monica's mammaries while she takes a shower... (57 seconds)

The Brotherhood of the Wolf 2001
00:39:00 Brief view of Bellucci's beautiful bunnage as she rides Le Bihan. (55 seconds)
00:42:00 Long shot of her naked form then close-ups of breast and buns lying in bed with Samuel Le Bihan. (28 seconds)

Malèna 2000
00:15:00 Beautiful Bellucci wears a sexy black dress that eventually slips below her right nipple. Mama mia, that's a spicy meata-ball! (19 seconds)
00:20:00 UNCUT EURO VERSION: The world's luckiest child actor takes off Monica's dress and bra, then takes a nice close-up look at her awesome tits and thick bush. (13 seconds)
00:28:00 First she's in a dress... then she's naked! Then she's back in the dress! Weird. Nice ass, though. (7 seconds)
00:56:00 Brief left nip as she gets tossed around by a lawyer looking to settle his bill... the old fashioned way. (7 seconds)
01:08:00 It's time for a wash, and so we see Belucci's boombooms being soaped up but good. Then she pours fresh squeezed lemon juice all over them... Delicioso! (31 seconds)
01:10:00 Another scene, another shot of boobs... Not that we have a problem with that. This time Belucci shows her fine rack when she's forced into some sex by a happy old dude. (21 seconds)
01:14:00 Now an Aryan blond, Monica rides some Nazi dude in a brief kaleidoscopic dream sequence. Ein gut breaschts! (13 seconds)
01:19:00 Though this scene starts out with Elisa Morucci, it changes quickly into Bellucci, just long enough for her to lean into the camera and give up a quick nip shot before her cans leave the frame. (25 seconds)
01:21:00 When the Nazi's leave town, the collaborators become targets. As Malena is dragged into the street and beaten, her clothes do some slipping off, showing boob and beav'. (23 seconds)

L' Ultimo capodanno 1998
00:11:00 First, we see Monica's massive breasts as she puts on a bra. Then she pulls off her panties and runs around her apartment bottomless, showing off her super-fluffy muff and awesome ass galore. (98 seconds)
00:19:00 More bombastic bottomlessness. Monica storms around her home wearing just a bra. Hot, heaping hairpie. Round, luscious rump. Go. Fall in love. (45 seconds)

Mauvais genre 1997
00:13:00 It's a bird's-eye view of Monica's way-more-than-ample boobs and generous glutes when she undresses for bed. (21 seconds)

Dracula 1992
00:32:00 Right breast rising from beneath the sheets to seduce Keanu. (28 seconds)

Ostinato destino 1992
00:22:00 The camera pans up her famous form to land on her naked nuggets . . . too bad it's so dark. (24 seconds)
00:35:00 Mama mia! Monica ropes her guy to the bed and straddles him, teasingly holding both bongos dangerously close to his waiting face . . . (44 seconds)

La Riffa 1991
00:27:00 Beautiful, bountiful Bellucci allows some clown to pump away at her perfect form. Her famous flesh bulbs are on full display . . . WOW! (53 seconds)
00:39:00 Mamnica tosses her coat aside and stands before the mirror, her Buttlucci bared, with boobs reflected. (28 seconds)
01:11:00 Ever wondered what the view is like when Monica Bellucci is doing a pole dance on your Johnson rod? Check out this clip if her doing just that, and drool. Awesome under-tit shot! (28 seconds)
01:12:00 Just to balance out the previous underboob shot, Monica allows her titanic titulars to be filmed from overhead, as she lies in bed with her lover. (23 seconds)

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