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Riflessi di luce 1988
00:39:00 Gemser full-frontally mounts man meat in a farmhouse . . . and thoroughly enjoys it! Film at 11. (58 seconds)
01:16:00 She gives up the gorgeous glutes while going for a skinny dip. (41 seconds)

Top Model 1988
00:40:00 Lovely Laura gets pawed by a creepy dude with a balding mullet, and her peak pops out of her top. (31 seconds)

Delizia 1987
00:41:00 Laura, topless, pressing her pointers into her man while he yaks on the phone? Why, that's positively Delizia! (34 seconds) Women's Prison Massacre 1983
00:18:00 Catfiiiiight! See a little of Laura's lefty as she issues a beatdown on one of her cellmates. A little skingy for someone like Laura with such an illustrious skinography, but it'll do. (25 seconds) Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals 1977
00:24:00 Notal nudishness as Laura makes love with her stallion-guy. And in the best traditions of Cannibal movies... there's loads of flesh eating! (78 seconds)
00:30:00 As Laura and Monica 'monkey around' in the water, showing everything god gave them (at least on the front side), the Smoking Chimp looks on. (90 seconds)
01:27:00 Laura shows her total package once more as she saves Monica from being eaten by cannibals. Someone ought to tell these kids that female flesh is much better to lick than chew. (78 seconds)

Emanuelle in America 1976
00:13:00 Takes off her robe, rubs up against guy, then they hop into bed for nook-nook. Breasts, bush, ass and a nice FFN in the mirror. (67 seconds)
00:18:00 All three B's in the pool as she frolics with two other naked water-birds. (55 seconds)
00:26:00 Steamroom lesbotronics. All-points nude niceness for Laura and her lick-partner. (52 seconds)
00:40:00 Sapphic suckdown with Paola Senatore in a fancy bed. All three B's for both ladies. (44 seconds)
00:41:00 A swingin' dude joins Laura Gemser and Paola Senatore in the lesbo bed to make a threesome. (41 seconds)
00:53:00 Laura shows T&A as she watches an orgy and secretly takes photos with the camera in her bracelet. (52 seconds)
01:13:00 Laura throws a lovely lass on the floor, rips her clothes off and then gets completely nude herself. They make out. (77 seconds)

Eva nera 1976
00:04:00 Your snake will be more than excited after viewing dear sweet Laura shimmying topless with her slithery, scaly pal! (34 seconds)
00:08:00 Laura comes through with a wholly unnecessary yet fully stimulating changing scene in which she shows a smidgen of snatch patch and a whole lotta knobbage. (37 seconds)
00:09:00 Fully frontal snake writhing! Topless lesbo lovefest! Self-stimulation! Dang, this scene's got it all!!! (56 seconds)
00:22:00 As he gets an eyeful of an undressing Laura's grade A T&A, her stuffy Asian lover nearly chokes on his ultra-groovy tie. (50 seconds)
00:38:00 Luscious Laura and the equally lovely Ms. Stark get a totally nude massage treatment with a couple of Hitachi Magic Wands. See it ALL, up close and personal! (53 seconds)
01:03:00 Gemser and Stark do some serious female bonding while soaping each other up in the shower. Every last inch is shown from both . . . this one's a can't-miss! (66 seconds)

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