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Girls Are for Loving 1973
00:05:00 Nice dumper shot when her boy takes of her panties on the bed. (16 seconds)
00:19:00 Full-frontal taking off her towel and getting in pool. Long shot. (9 seconds)
00:27:00 Buns and breasts with pasties as she dances in a nightclub. (72 seconds)
00:30:00 Topless on a table while getting down with her gangster lover. (18 seconds)
01:08:00 Full Frontal action when she is stripped completely nude by some big bad black dudes. Poor Cheri... (33 seconds)
01:09:00 Tied to a bed totally nude while Jocelyne Peters talks to her. Then some pasty white guy appears and they have sex. Long Scene. (134 seconds)
01:16:00 Buns hog-tied on the bed then more bunnage when Clay rescues her. (42 seconds)

The Abductors 1972
00:52:00 Cheri shows her tits and ass while rolling around in coital bliss on some seriously shaggy carpet. (59 seconds)
01:03:00 A couple of brief boob barings by Cheri as she escapes, intercut with yet more hootage from Jennifer Brooks, who is busy getting busy. (23 seconds)
01:19:00 An encore bit of tit as Cheri drops her dress and proceeds to soap up Richard Smedley's hog while he's handcuffed to the shower curtain rod. (55 seconds)

Ginger 1971
01:06:00 Cheri shows it all off, including a nice close-up of that massive 1970s muffshish, when she sheds her threads and climbs up on top of Calvin Culver, who happens to be handcuffed to the bed... As if he's going to run away... (70 seconds)
01:23:00 Another shot of Cheri's sacks while she points a gun at some feller and drops her towel... Her hair gets in the way a bit, though. (63 seconds)
01:32:00 Her ass appears one more time when Duane Tucker helps her out of her panties as she's all bound up. Then he flips her over for an outstanding full-frontal flash... Ooh-wee! (67 seconds)

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