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Ghosts Can't Do It 1989
00:26:00 Bo bares every bit! Don't miss this 10 taking off her clothes and baring a bronzed full-frontal to get some sun on the beach. When she sits back up, you can see extra special bonus bunnage! (79 seconds)
00:32:00 Bo's a dirty, dirty girl, and she needs to get clean. She sits by an outdoor tub and rinses off her unbelievable peakers, then jumps into the bath to flash some heart-shaped seat. (54 seconds)
00:48:00 Golly, Bo's dirtier than I thought! She showers for a good long time, getting her fully frontal chest cherries and fuzzbucket all soaked. (19 seconds)
01:12:00 Ghosts can't do it--but Bo can! She and her guy prepare to "get busy," as the kids say, behind some mosquito netting. Great view of her flawless flappers! (15 seconds)

Bolero 1984
00:20:00 Bo makes quite a buzz when she lets some dude lick honey off her fully frontal, flawless form. (85 seconds)
00:58:00 Get some amazing looks at her unparalleled melons and some flashes of frontal fur as she and the luckiest guy in cinema horizontalize in front of a fire. Hot! Hot! Hot! (86 seconds)
01:05:00 Olivia and Bo steam up their glorious sweet teat meat in the sauna before fighting off some broad with a knife. (42 seconds)
01:28:00 She tears off her dress and rides raw! Rides a horse, that is. Totally nude. We're talking three B's here, people. Now THAT'S bareback! (25 seconds)
01:36:00 Bo knows nudes! See this gorgous goddess with frontal fur peeking out of her open robe when she heads to bed. (15 seconds)
01:38:00 Bo is so unbelievably scorching, that smoke seemingly rises off her perfect form when she gets plowed in a dreamy schtup sequence. Lotsa boobs to be seen-- furry taco flashes, too! (83 seconds)

Tarzan, the Ape Man 1981
00:42:00 Bo bares every B on her jawdropping bod skinnydipping in the ocean. Oh, she's a 10 all right . . . (68 seconds)
01:34:00 A group of savage scrub down Ms. Derek's duff and donuts. What a job! (79 seconds)
01:37:00 Now squeaky clean, Bo's bo-bos are painted white by those wacky savages. (117 seconds)
01:46:00 A painted-white Bo dangles her alabaster boobs in front of some lucky old geezer. (20 seconds)
01:48:00 Tarzan helps Bo wash that pesky paint off her cans while the chimp cops a feel. Lucky monkey. (60 seconds)
01:50:00 Tarzan and Chimpy wrassle with the flawless Bo. See flashes of T&A as she rolls around. Ah, what a happy family. (154 seconds)

A Change of Seasons 1980
00:12:00 The perfect '10' surfaces in a hot tub, tossing her hair and showing off her spectacular, slippery snoobs over and over and over again. And these are just the opening credits! (83 seconds)

10 1979
01:31:00 Bo-ners all around! The perfect 10 greets Dudley at the door in only a towel, which keeps slipping aside sexily to show off her billion dollar booty and phenomental flaps. (24 seconds)
01:39:00 Bo shows! Hooters and hinterland darkly pre- and post-coitally and walking around after doing Dudley, giving a spark of hope to awkward short guys everywhere. (96 seconds)
01:47:00 In one of the most baffling moves ever committed to celluloid, Dudley Moore gets dressed and leaves legendary Bo Derek lying in bed, naked reelangers and rump and all. (50 seconds)

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